• Tuesday 18 June – 9.00am – 5.00pm and Wednesday 19 June – 9.00am – 4.00 pm 2019
  • Hall 3 Stoneleigh Park, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire, CV8 2LZ

New Product Award

Visitor Vote

Visitors to the Nursery Supply Show 2018 have voted Dura-ID with the Smartplant app as the winner of the New Product Awards.

Dura-ID working in partnership with SmartPlant.

SmartPlant is transforming and demystifying the traditional world of gardening by making it easier and more accessible to everyone.The app, SmartPlant, performs plant and pest identifications, live expert advice, bespoke monthly care reminders and the opportunity to learn about new plants and build the perfect digital garden. It’s geo-mapped to take into account user’s location, climate, and premium membership allows the user unlimited questions, plant and pest IDs and access to a personalised plant care calendar. Enhancing the customer experience, product expectation and ultimate consumer success, commercial partnerships with SmartPlant are enabling a new
engagement with loyal and new consumers alike. Basic communication channels are being disrupted to propel interaction between retailers and users. Like the kitemark the addition of recognised and respected expertise allows everyone to shop and care for their plants with confidence. Each reminder is accompanied by 3 products that link the customer back to the original store they purchased their plants from.

Dura-ID are now working in partnership with SmartPlant. This partnership symbolises the future of plant labelling and the horticultural industry. The technology connects partnered breeders and growers directly to the consumer, partners can promote their brand, while providing expert monthly care, direct to the consumer, via the app. Breeders, growers and retailers can also benefit from a deeper understanding of purchasing patterns and plant preferences from monthly data reports, giving them the opportunity to tailor
their offering to the exact needs of their customers. New or related products and offers can be directed to specific demographics of consumer groups from local stores via in app notifications, and as a software and service it is establishing itself as a interactive digital loyalty plug-in.

It is also now live on Amazon Alexa, resulting in a few people to dub SmartPlant as the ‘future of gardening’. Enabling an ongoing communication SmartPlant can extend care instructions to plant owners on a monthly basis. Users Simply say "Alexa, ask SmartPlant what I need to do with my magnolia?"

The pulse of digital innovation is waiting for no seed, plug or plant.

CEO and Founder George Williams, 27, said “Plants have long been the fancy of the time rich and experienced horticulturalist, we want SmartPlant to be the digital companion for every plant, and give plants a place in the Smart Homes of the future.”